Ethan Hayden | composer, performer, author
Ethan Hayden | composer, performer, researcher
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in sonos benesonantibus
score (available soon)
soprano, choir, organ, carillon, and chamber ensemble
May 2014
ca. 9'
23 May 2014
Wooden Cities, Alex Benestelli (organ), and Calvary Church Choir
Calvary Episcopal Church
Williamsville, NY
Program Note:
in sonos benesonantibus was composed for Wooden Cities and the musicians at Calvary Episcopal Church in Williamsville, NY, where the piece was premiered in May 2014. Composed especially for performance in the church, the piece emphasizes sonorities based on the resonant frequencies of the sanctuary.

The piece is a setting of the biblical Psalm 150 from the Latin Vulgate Bible. Rather than setting the full text, the psalm is used as a formal guideline, and only fragments of the text are heard in the piece. Instead, the psalm's continuous imperatives to "Praise the LORD" with various instrumental combinations are used to guide the development of the work's orchestration.