Ethan Hayden | composer, performer, author
Ethan Hayden | composer, performer, researcher
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Piece for Luca
score (pdf)
performed by PLOSION flute ensemble
May 2011
flute ensemble
spring 2011
ca. 7'
01 May 2011
PLOSION flute ensemble, Barry Crawford (conductor)
Baird Recital Hall
Buffalo, NY
Program Note:
LUCA stands for "Last Universal Common Ancestor" and refers to the most recent organism from which all living organisms on Earth have descended. The creature, a unicellular micro-organism, is believed to have lived circa 3.6 billion years ago, during the Paleoarchean era.

In Piece for Luca, the flute ensemble is treated as a single entity, with each player's part consisting of individual harmonics of various overtone clusters. The goal is to present a single sonic form, which gradually changes shape, color and texture throughout the course of the work.

The piece was composed for Barry Crawford and PLOSION flute ensemble, to whom it is dedicated with sincere gratitude, in the spring of 2011.