Ethan Hayden | composer, performer, author
Ethan Hayden | composer, performer, researcher
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Ethan Hayden headshotEthan Hayden is a composer, performer, and author based in the Rust Belt. He has written music for various performing forces, ranging from solo instruments to large ensembles, often involving electronics. Recent works reflect an ongoing interest in language, phonetics, sound poetry, and micro-durations, as well as more broad explorations of timbre, resonance, and sonic spectra. His music has been performed at conferences and festivals around the world, most recently at Ljudbio (Uppsala, Sweden), INTIME (Coventry, UK), Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium (Toronto, ON), and E-Poetry (Buenos Aires).

Ethan received his Ph.D. in Composition from the University at Buffalo in 2016. He also holds undergraduate degrees in Composition and Theory from the University of North Texas, and an M.A. in Composition from UB. His principal teachers have included Cort Lippe, Jeffrey Stadelman, Joseph Klein, Andrew May, and David Bithell. In 2015, Ethan joined the Digital Music Production faculty at Buffalo State College where he teaches courses in sound synthesis, electronic music composition, and serves as director of the Interactive Synthesizer Orchestra and interim-director of the Digital Music Ensemble.

Ethan is the Associate Director of Wooden Cities, a Buffalo-based ensemble seeking to help increase the performance and awareness of contemporary music in Western New York. With Wooden Cities, he has co-produced over forty concerts of new and experimental music across the Midwest, frequently premiering new works by emerging composers. He is also the Technical Director of Null Point, an initiative for new (and often site-specific) sound art which emphasizes works by emerging/overlooked artists. As a vocalist and trombonist, he regularly performs contemporary music, sound poetry, and improvisational works. Recent performances have included pieces by Georges Aperghis, Julius Eastman, Dmitri Kourliandski, Kurt Schwitters, and John Zorn, as well as collaborations with Steve McCaffery and Girilal Baars.

Also active as a writer and researcher on music, Ethan is the author of Sigur Rós's ( ), published as part of Bloomsbury's 33⅓ series in August 2014.